Hospice Fundamentals

Hospice Fundamentals  offers a unique set of services designed to allow an organization to develop deep regulatory competence through a cost-effective combination of regulatory analysis, monitoring and education.

Hospice Fundamentals is based on these beliefs:

  •  A hospice committed to the highest quality care commits resources to achieving and maintaining regulatory competence.
  •  Each position within the hospice is responsible for knowing and understanding a defined level of regulatory content. To achieve this, comprehensive, well-defined and engaging educational resources must be available.
  • There must be at least one person within the hospice-usually the compliance officer-who develops deep knowledge and has a means to stay current on all changes, understands what they mean, how to implement them and the risks of non-compliance.
  • Outside expert assistance is readily available for assistance in charting a path through complex regulatory operational scenarios.
  • A hospice needs a means to negotiate the grey areas-a decision making process to help it determine the right path.
  • Leadership and governing bodies must have adequate knowledge in order to assess the risk of any action or inaction.

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