Advance Compliance Officer Training

Hospice Fundamentals is excited to present the only intensive training available focused on the needs of experienced hospice compliance officers and others interested in advanced skills in hospice compliance activities. It will prepare you and your hospice for the increasing regulatory scrutiny.  This conference is structured to provide hospice compliance officers expert guidance that is needed to prepare and move a hospice’s compliance program to a higher level.  This advanced workshop will feature time for case studies, discussion and peer-to-peer networking.




From Reactive to Proactive: Transforming Your Compliance Program

Advanced Hospice Compliance Officer Training & Update

Designed for experienced compliance officers wishing to strengthen their skills and to move their programs to a new level, this highly interactive workshop will offer up to the minute information on today’s environment and risk areas, ample illustrative case studies and invaluable peer-to-peer networking opportunities.


Key Topics

  • Understanding of Whistleblower and the False Claims Act
  • Is Your Certification Process Solid?
  • Hospice Care in the Nursing Home
  • Does Your Documentation Stand Up to Scrutiny
  • Physician Services – Is Your Program at Risk?


Mary Michal, JD
Roseanne Berry, MS, RN
Charlene Ross, MSN, MBA, RN
Susan Balfour, BA, RN











Important Note
Participants are expected to have experience as a health care compliance officer, be knowledgeable about the Hospice Medicare Benefit and the Conditions of Participation, and to understand the seven elements of an effective compliance plan. Additionally, attendees will have developed some level of a compliance plan (even it has not been actually executed).





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