We offer experienced and practical solutions.

R&C Healthcare Solutions provides experienced and practical solutions which focus on the hospice industry. Our services are flexible and designed to address your specific needs.

The importance of using qualified consultants is becoming more necessary as the hospice industry copes with reduced reimbursement, increased competition and increased governmental regulations and oversight.

R&C Healthcare Solutions’s 25-plus years of deep and broad hospice expertise can help you successfully improve your operations.

We can assist you to enhance care, develop efficiencies, improve regulatory
compliance and implement organizational development across your hospice.

The results will assist your hospice to minimize risks, reach organizational goals
and better serve terminally ill patients and their families.

R&C Healthcare Solutions can help your hospice:

Achieve financial goals
Meet regulatory compliance
Improve customer service
Provide excellence in quality of care


Not a hospice?

You don’t need to be a hospice to need a hospice expert.

R&C Healthcare Solutions offers the same level of expertise and services to hospice support industries as well.


R&C Healthcare Solutions works in tandem with Hospice Fundamentals, which provides regulatory monitoring, analysis, and support for hospices of all sizes. Learn more now.